Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage In Nashville

SERVPRO of Madison / Goodlettsville responded to a call from a Nashville area Medical Center about a water damage incident. The interior of the walls had water ... READ MORE

Madison Building, Water, and the Marble Lobby Area

The water from the frozen burst sprinkler pipe was clean containing no dirty debris or other contaminants. This newly constructed commercial building was leasin... READ MORE

Madison Commercial Building Gets Flooded

This brand new commercial office building in downtown Madison was victimized by a burst pipe in the pump room. The pooling water collected, as illustrated in th... READ MORE

A Madison School Office and a Running Sink

Water flowed onto this tile floor in the back office of administrative school staff. The sink was left running, and the clean, uncontaminated pooling water was... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Gallatin Hotel

Water damage was the result of a leaky roof at this Gallatin hotel. This room and a few others were temporarily out of service due to the water damage. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Commercial HVAC Cleaning – Inglewood

Commercial HVAC Duct cleaning at this Englewood commercial facility was performed to remove dust from the system that the HVAC filters often don’t catch. The la... READ MORE

Commercial Air Handler Cleaning in Nashville

Building management determined that this commercial air handler in Nashville required a thorough cleaning. SERVPRO was chosen to perform the job as we had the e... READ MORE

Commercial Water and Mold Issues in Nashville

Because this office suite was on the top floor and not in use, it suffered enough water damage due to the leaky flat roof before it was noticed. The water stain... READ MORE

Water Damage to a Small Goodlettsville Office

Cold weather can cause frozen water pipes resulting in unwanted pools of water in your office space. This is a very common occurrence in our part of Tennessee. ... READ MORE

Nashville Bank Has a Water Deposit

After a seal around a vent in the flat roof failed, water dripped onto the ceiling panels of this bank. The rains had left a large pool of water on the roof, an... READ MORE